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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
Their historic says otherwise. Their games have gigantic developing and refining stages, which by their turn are subject to all kinds of push-backs and the company doesn't have any reservations from cancelling games on the later stages of developing (see Starcraft: Ghost).
True, Blizzard is quite dedicated to balance out their games and make them as smooth as possible. Look at SC, its 11 years old, they still release patches, ofcourse its mainly because its considered a sport in asia, but if the Blizz really was out there only for the money, you would think they'd release Diablo or SC every year.

Sure Diablo might be a very simplistic and action orientated game and perhaps the last of their top games: SC and WC had far more develloped gameplay and all.

But, hey, I'm biased, Blizz fanboy , but I don't like WoW, but its the game that made them indepent, so they can do what ever the hell they want, game develloping wise ofcourse

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