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Originally Posted by Ravnas View Post
I'm in a minority here, but for me, Cars wasn't great.
Cars > anything Dreamworks, but yeah I agree it wasn't their best movie.

I think if you compare Lasseter's movies to Bird's movies to Stanton's movies you can see that there's a difference in style.

Lasseter definitely loves the "hidden world of _______"/anthropomorphic type stuff (toys, cars, etc).

Bird tends to go a bit dark and turn things on their head (superheros that can't be super, rats that want to cook).

Stanton really likes to apply the monomyth in uncoventional ways (clown fish as hero, garbage-man robot as hero. I suspect that he split the difference with Lasseter on Bug's Life).

So far we only have the one movie from Pete Docter so too soon to tell what his gig is.

My point is that it's not as though there is a "typical Pixar movie". We wouldn't lump Michael Mann together with Francis Ford Coppola just because they both made crime movies with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro would we?
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