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Originally Posted by ForeverNight View Post
But, you have to use the Gameplay Mechanics, because we're comparing Revan to these people, and Revan is from the game. Does that mean that Revan who has Force Shock is on Equal Footing with the Revan who knows Force Storm since its just Force Lightning.

Now, granted, that post was a little... crazy?

But, we are comparing from a Video Game to Movies. That's going to be tough, Gameplay Mechanics or no.

When you compare videogame(ex Revan)characters to other characters from movies or novels you can only use information gathered from cutscenes,what other characters say about Revan, and the known feats for example I would include in my argument would be: Revan killed a republic soldier in 3 seconds before Malak betrayed him, he defeated a star forge powered Bastilla and Malak. Revan,Jolee and Juhani overcame many dark jedi in the rakatan temple. Him and his companions faced a miniature army on the star forge(based on the custcene where Malak says "send all available trooops) We learn through dialogs that Revan killed Mandalore the ultimate and the echani general Yusanis, even though neither character we in the game, i could go but you get the idea.

But you cannot use gameplay mechanics. Everyone has a different version of Revan so while yours may have lightning mine doesn't. But the canon Revan is known to have used lightning on the rakatan when he first arrived prior to kotor so we know he has that power. Your Revan may not know force choke but Revan canonically knows the attacks base on his use of it on a republic soldier. If it is still not clear to you I would be happy to continue to tell to you what can use of a videogame character to compare him to a movie or novel character.
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