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Originally Posted by LordSerion View Post
Darth Bane and Darth Vader. They fulfilled the prophecy word by word.
Bane may have reconstructed the order, but Vader effectively destroyed Bane's order by essentially going hari-kiri on himself and Sidious.

Vader didn't reconstruct the Sith order at all, he just wiped out the Jedi. Big difference there. He was also emotionally restricted because of the murder of his wife, which continued to cause him emotional pain long after being thrown in the big black suit.

I reckon Revan came the closest, but even he didn't quite qualify. By canon, he wrecked the Sith order via his destruction of the Star Forge, and yet he had effectively renounced his title as Dark Lord of the Sith, since Malak took his place. Essentially, Revan can't be the Sith'ari since he was no longer a Sith at the time that he fulfilled the different parts of the prophecy.
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