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WIP: Atlantica

This has been a WIP for a while now, but it's nearly nearly finished so it's about time for a few screenshots. It's a RPG/Clan based map but with a focus on interactivity. I'll post a coupla of features first and then screenshots. Oh, and this is all base JA.

- Doc Ock Style fusion generator YOUTUBE LINK:
- Passcoded council/admin doors (using switches where a numerical value can be inputted)
- Destructable environments, trees/lamps.e.t.c
- You can then fix some of these using toolkits (televisions for example) and other items you can pick up.
- You can collect credits to pay for access to certain areas by either finding them lying around or completing challenges.
- Virtual reality training for sneaking as a challenge.
- Elevators with selectable floors.
- Interactive NPC's that walk around and speak to each other.
- Lots of cupboards/doors openable by force powers
- Lamps can be pulled down, crates can be force utilised.
- Healing bacta tanks.
- Keycard system whereby a card must be bought/found to access certain areas, like the lock key system in SP.
- A few others, secret areas and stuff.

Now, screens!

Next Maps:
BlueIce Nightfall 100%
Moonbase Labs 20%

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