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I never owned a console personally. I once borrowed one for a week to beat Diddy Kong Racing but that's about all there is. So I'm PC gamer since my ATARI and Amiga times.

Originally Posted by tiki-one-o-two
That's a fair argument, but now you have to choose which console you're going to buy. Games made for one console don't play well on others.
That's one reason for me not to own a console.

So while a PC gamer may have to upgrade her video card in order to play game X, a console gamer face a situation where you have buy another console altogether.
And another.

Plus my video card can be used for Photoshop, video editing, as well as other high-end games.
And the third one.

The point is, I don't own a PC to play games, I own a PC and can play games with it. And it's just like with any console...I connect it to my TV and plug a bunch of controller pads (original PS2 in my case) in, and -- eh violina!

Also, my notebook is way more portable than any XBox or PS3.

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