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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
With you saying that, we can easily make the assumption that Revan is a lot more powerful than Darth Vader, for example. I know that Revan was praised a lot in the game, and in the cutscenes, and I know that Darth Vader was feared. However, he was not even close to being praised as much as Revan was. The discussion would be over then.
I think Revan was a better leader than Darth Vader. But for me, I made an attempt to clarify 'Power'.

The problem we have with Revan, is many people having played KotOR; think *they* are Revan, and as such they would pawn everyone else in the Star Wars universe; such is Fanboyism.

Of course, in one on one fights we can speculate as to who will win; but there is always a slight err of unpredictability in any fight as to who can win. e.g. I'm trained in Krav Maga ( and I have to defend myself against an aggressive yob in the street; the advantage is with me, but lets presume my attacker has a hell of a right hook and gets lucky... I'm out; hopefully you get the point I'm trying to make. That even if you should win, and normally would win, doesn't mean you always will win. (btw first training of Krav Maga is to avoid a fight if you can anyways).

Personally I don't like force storm; however in lightning terms; the reborn Palpatine uses a force lightning to destroy an entire load of space ships (very lame I know); however I don't see Revan toping that.

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