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Quanon wrote:
True, Blizzard is quite dedicated to balance out their games and make them as smooth as possible. Look at SC, its 11 years old, they still release patches, ofcourse its mainly because its considered a sport in asia, but if the Blizz really was out there only for the money, you would think they'd release Diablo or SC every year.
There's nothing fanboy-ish about this post, Mr. Q. It's just fact. There are multiple companies in the game-branche that value quality over quantity. We see the first is the best, since those companies survived the longest.

Bioware? Was recently bought by EA. But they stand for quality and they would never ruin a project for the quick money. It's not why EA bought them and what they stans for.
Same goes for Blizzard. No matter what you say, Diablo 2 is still played very much. And your patch example proves they are interested in the game themselves too. How many companies still support an 11-year old game?

And, no matter how you look at it, World of Warcraft offers far more then any MMO has offered before. It's quality. Fact. That is't not everyone's cup of tea is a whole other story

I full agree with most people here. This product has the 'qualoty' mark stamped all over it. Already.

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