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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
With you saying that, we can easily make the assumption that Revan is a lot more powerful than Darth Vader, for example. I know that Revan was praised a lot in the game, and in the cutscenes, and I know that Darth Vader was feared. However, he was not even close to being praised as much as Revan was. The discussion would be over then.
I would say that Revan is more powerful than Vader but there margin by which is not that big. Vader also has people praising him in the novels post ROTJ. Some of Revan's praise (in fact a lot the praise from Canderous) has no affect on determining Revan's personal power such as Revan being called a great strategist. Than another you think have to look at is if the characters are showing personal bias towards a particular person.

Revan's big advantage of Vader would be his force mastery (not that Vader isn't powerful in the force) and he would most likely win a force battle(like Dooku vs Yoda in Attack of the clones) between the two. But if they were to engage of ligthsaber combat than I would give the advantage to Vader. The reason is because Revan's combat skills are limited by gameplay. For example we know that Revan killed Malak on the star forge but we don't know the degree of difficulty(revan could have been losing or winning the entire duel) he had killing him but we do know that Revan killed via lightsaber. Another example would be Revan facing Bastilla on the star forge. We know that Revan defeated her multiple times and redeemed her to the lightside but we don't know anything else about the duel.

Basically that means we know the general combat feats of Revan but don't know hardly any details about the fights to due to gameplay. Which makes hit hard to accurate judge his power and specifically his lightsaber skills
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