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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
TS2 was good? You think so? I couldn't stand it, although I consider the first one to be the best Pixar work.

Well, you know how sequels can be really, *really* bad?

Pixar showed they could make a tolerable sequel....

They didn't ruin it... like you can see with some sequels, it's like "Why were they made??" *cough* Bambi 2 *cough cough* *cough* Mulan 2 *cough cough*

I mean, when it comes to making sequels to something good, that wasn't meant to HAVE a sequel, it usually turns out bad.... But TS2, just was not a terrible sequel....

And I want to know what happened to the fishies in the bags at the end of Finding Nemo, that makes for a good sequel material to me...

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