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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I disagree here, Vader is the 'chosen' one and conceived by the Force itself, as such I cannot see how Revan would be more powerful than Vader in terms of force ability.
You have to remember though he could never truly become as powerful as he could have been after Mustafar. I'm fairly certain that in vanity fair magazine GL said Vader was 80% as powerful as the emperor (OT, version I think). Then we have to take into account the fact that Revan has a broader knowledge of the force than Vader(he was the first in god knows how long to visit the trayus academy on malachor),I believe in "Path of Destruction" Bane said that Revan's holocron had more information than the entire academy(it might have been the whole planet but i can't recall) of Korriban had during the New Sith Wars. Plus there is the fact that Sidious purposely was guarding knowledge from Vader (ex. Knowledge he learned from Naga Sadow)so that also makes me question as how much Sidious taught him. Plus there is the fact that Vader needs to worry about Revan's force lightning which Vader can block in fairness but he is still vulnerable to it.
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