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Well.. on PC... the +123 Mod v2.2 has Rhen Var Harbor and Citadel. In fact the mod adds more than 123 more maps and modes into the game. Hero Assault on all the maps. More hunts and Clone War Assault maps added.. CIS on Hoth and Endor.. GCW on Felucia and Geonosis. Space Corruscant, Space Kamino, Space Mustafar. CIS against Rebels... Empire against Republic maps. Bespin Cloud City is back along with Yavin IV Arena.

The +123 Mod v2.2 just seems like an expansion pack for SWBF2... and best of all it doesn't change any originally installed SWBF2 files. It simply goes into the Addon Folder.

+123 Mod v2.2 HERE

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