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You know, being an avid fan of the Diablo series, I have to say that I am a little bit dissapointed at from what I see at the moment. While the gameplay does look great and the Cinematic trailer was good, there are some key elements that I see missing from the game, or at least what we have been shown.

Firstly, from what I have heard, Matt Uelmen (the composer for the music of D1 & D2) will not be composing the music for the game, and I must say I am very skeptical that someone else will be able to pull off his unique style and ability. Without it's great music, Diablo just won't be the same.

Also, I am a bit disappointed at the lack of Gothic architecture/atmosphere from the game (or at least what we are shown of it). The dark Gothic style is what really gave Diablo it's feel. Again, I don't see Diablo being the same without it.

I just hope they are able to make it amazing. I have my fingers crossed one way or another.


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