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1) What classes are you?
Jedi Sentinel/Watchman

2) What items do you equip? Did your Exile wear robes or armor?
Zeison Sha Initiate Armor/ Matukai Apprentice Robe/Zeison Sha Warrior Armor or Mandalorian Battle Cloak.

3) What kind of lightsaber do you wield? Single, Dual, or Double-bladed? And what color?
Right now Single Yellow blade, but will switch to Dual Weilding Yellow and Silver if i can find a silver crystal or a Double Bladed Silver saber.

4) What Lightsaber form do you use the most?

5) What Force Powers do you use to augment your saber skills? Or did you just use the Force as your blade?
Force Wave, then Stasis Field and sometimes Force Scream to finish the weaklings off
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