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Guild Wars: Game design is overrated

Special event in Guild Wars this weekend, the Dragon Festival, with a bunch of extra minigames, quests and mission(s). All fun and games... in theory.

Allow me to vent some frustration over this thing that someone presumably intended as entertainment; the special "mission" of the Dragon Festival where you're supposed to deal with invading monsters and close the rifts they emerge through.

The design philosophy of this mission appears to be:
  1. Gimp the player by only allowing a 4 man party instead of the usual 8.
  2. Let's use the hardest enemies in the game, the lot from The Underworld and Realm of Torment will do.
  3. Set up half the enemies as ambushing pop-ups, and the other half on long, unpredictable intersecting patrols to make any attempt at pulling and aggro management futile.
  4. Oh, and when the poor fools who play this inevitably fail and die, don't let them adjust their party and try again for another 8 hours.
  5. And finally let's round off with a pathetic reward for the lucky few who actually manage to survive, as final insult.

Needless to say, the end result was about as fun to play as pulling out all your teeth without anesthetic. Things like that makes you wonder if game designers really try to produce entertainment or if they find some sick pleasure in making other people annoyed.

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