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Yea, healing others would be plausible. Problem: How do you target the person. What happens when someone steps in front of you and the healing goes to that person? If there is the ability to heal others there should be a way to target a person to heal within a certain area. This would be retroactive for lightning and grip. That way you can target the person and then grip will target the person if that person is within 85 degrees of your front. I was role playing as the sith apprentice Bob Irontoad (don't laugh at the name, I got metallic amphibians from a friend :P) and got lightning raped by a dark lord who had lightning 3 (at the peak of the fight there were 3 people with me :P). So, targeting would be nice to pick that one kyle out of all those other kyles and pwn him with targeting lightning and grip. If the target passes out of sight it should break the target lock.

*Targets Dark Lord Dalom and unleashes a bout of lightning* <- Dalom = that sith lord w/ level 3 lightning. He'd be hit unless he moved really fast. Targeting should have a delay of about .8 seconds when the person starts moving or changes direction. Also realistic because you focus on your enemy when fighting and your enemy looks different from your allies 99% of the time.

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