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Raahhh TooT TooT Booga

Sup im rage from DLS

Outcast will rock, Jedi Knight gameplay with a quake3 engine, harr harr harr.
Some things i would like to really see in Outcast is an option for different sabers. Single Blade, Double & 2 sabers at the same time..
Single could be very defensive, double an overall strong saber & 2 sabers for the ultimate attack.. This seriously would rock..
but even better would be holding a gun & a saber in the other hand.

Also having a light side , dark side & bounty hunters would be awsome. Bountys use jetpack & stuff or their own trademark weapons.

Servers for JK2 is a good idea but could u imagine 15 - 20 newbies holding a saber going ape **** at the sky.. OMG hah

JK2 better not have bs like jump running in quake3 for ultimate speed.

Will they release a demo early like Jk1? 3 months early before the full thing

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