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Question Forum Members and Avid Star Wars Fans: A Question for you

First and formost, a warm hi and hello to everyone here. Some of you may remember me from forums such as, the temporarily closed, I can already see a familiar name in GonkH8ter and I hope to see many more goers, as I do new and interesting people.


I've just done a fresh reformatting of my HDD. Naturally, everything that was once in my favourites are now gone. Most of the old links are now back and I'm not in the process of retracking the interesting pages with dubious URLS.

One such page that comes into mind, is the not-too spectacular, but extremely deep, Light Sabre Page, where lots of lightsabre information could be fittingly found. Sabre schematics, sabre technique, coverage of various sabre physics issues and even stills from the film without the special sabre effects.

When the link to that URL was posted in, I immediatley added it to my faves, what with that long URL and all. Does anyone remember the URL?
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