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Happy 10th!

What's everybody's plan on celebrating GF's 10th birthday? Breaking out your old copy and going through the nightmare of reinstalling it? Making some cool GF fan art? Going on a field trip to Mexico or to some Art Deco buildings? Making an extra level to GF? Or simply partying?

I was hoping to do something cool for the 10th anniversary this year, but alas my skills in art and computers are pathetic. I am hoping on giving a shot at making an installing guide for GF on ubuntu, but so far it's been difficult and I don't think I'll be able to do it till after mid August. If I'm lucky I can get it done by GF's original release date of October 30th.

However we can all look forward to Thrik's rerelease of the site where I'm hoping to see some new content! And don't forget to check out the folks at the DOD for new art!

Happy 10th Grim Fandango!
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