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(Wellz then, I'll save the thread!)
RP Name: Bill! (Hunter calls em Billa)
Physical Discription: Bout ' 5 foot 10, very tan, shoulderlength black layored hair, black fitted camp t shirt, black tightish jeans, black vans shoes, wrist band, pierced eyebrow, tattoo on the back of his neck, experiments with make up.
Personaliy: Loud, friendly, whiney, and a romantic. Has a femmine personality.
Specialty Power: levitation, clarivoince, invisability.
Notes: Hunter's twin borther! But not identical. Also German.

Ziggy awoked in Hunter's arms, seeing someone standing over her. Hunter, who appeared to be awake, was frowning.
"Hallo Hunter," the boy said.
"Ah gott," Hunter replied.
"Huh," Ziggy asked, confused.
"Ziggy, this is my twin brother, Billa," Hunter answered, cringing at Bill.
The boy appeared to look nothing like Hunter, but she shrugged. Hunter got up and helped her to her feet. He streched.
"I'm starving, Hunta, let's get some food," Bill said, whining and walking to the lodge.
"This is gonna be a loooong summer," Hunter muttered to Ziggy, who giggled.

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