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Just started it, and I'm reasonably happy with how my Shepard looks. My brain keeps screaming "Carthhhh!" every time Kaidan says something, and at the train station, I ran out of medpacks completely and finished that bit with almost zilch health *sigh* Poor Kaidan keeps dropping dead too:P

It crashes waaaay too much:/

Edit: The Blue Screen of Death makes me a very sad bunny.

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief

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