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Well Arbiter, I'm assuming you mean sp (since you've mentioned "Jedi master" difficulty). You could max up the stats of the npcs by modding assets0.pk3/ext_data/npcs.cfg. Besides, you could disable your personal shield with the cheat code "give armor 0" (that's not permanent, however, you'll have to do that whenever you pick up a shield booster by accident), and if that's not enough, lower your health even further with "give health <nn>". And you could cap some or all force powers at 1 or 2 using "setforce..." (we haven't seen the powers used to such and extent in the movies anyway, right?), or simply stop using some of them.
Have you tried some single player conversions? If you like saber battles, I'd recommend "The Dark Alliance" - it's got some ridiculously difficult saber wielding opponents (very quick and take MANY hits), or "Colosseum" (very well designed, this one). Say, are you more the sabering or gunning type?

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