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Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
This here file will give you a few modifications to the stances currently in v1.2. This isn't really an official OJP change of stances, just a mix of my personal preference of stances.

I'm in the process of learning Dragon so that I can make some additional frames to better simulate breathing. In the meantime, these are some of the stances that I've come up with using the existent humanoid.gla - apparently the .gla size has been doubled because identical frames have been replicated and tacked on to the original (didn't realize the extent until I waded through half of the frames :/ ).

Download stance mod here

Current list of affected stances:
  • Shii-cho
  • Makashi
  • Juyo


This is a "breathing" Shii-cho stance, a relaxed hasso no kamae, simple and effective position to launch attack and defense from, as is in the spirit of what Shii-cho is intended for. It's similar to the old Shii-cho, except the saber's pointed forward a tiny bit in a slightly threatening posture. The stance is also a bit similar to the default KotOR lightsaber stance. If possible I'd make a Shii-cho variation that resembles chuudan no kamae for a side by side comparison.

Shii-cho: front left 3/4
Shii-cho: rear
Shii-cho: right


OK, not a lot of choices for Makashi right now, but this one's a lot more relaxed than the previous incarnations that we have used. Nothing's more deceptively arrogant than assuming a relaxed, almost lackadaisical off-center low guard that other people think they can take advantage of. However, the grip is still a classical fencer's grip, slightly angled for maximum dexterity of the wrist. A forward grip like this preserves the range, precision, and fine manipulation incredibly lacking in a reverse grip. The older version of this stance looked way too uncomfortable - imagine having to raise your arm up like that all the time, it gets tiring after a very short while - or the reverse grip, where you're probably feeling like you're going to develop arthritis someday from having to hold that saber in that particular way.

Added bonus is that if you use a curved hilt (as shown in the pictures below), if you look down slightly below horizontal, your saber drags a little bit on the floor, adding to the relaxed yet menacing posture of the stance.

Makashi: right side
Makashi: front right 3/4 #1
Makashi: front right 3/4 #2 (saber dragging)
Makashi: front view
Makashi: front left 3/4
Makashi: rear left 3/4
Makashi: rear view
Makashi: rear right 3/4


A stance suitable to the spirit of Juyo and looks a bit like kasumi no kamae. This stance is assumed for situations where, as an example, the other guy is threatening you with a jodan and you aim your sword right between his eyes. It's meant to be a deceptive stance where it's hard to predict whether you'll move up for a parry or simply cut the other guy's head in one swift movement. In addition, because of the threatening nature of kasumi, you subtly hinder the choice of movement from your opponent. You're also leaving yourself open intentionally to bait the other guy to attack in a manner that overextends themselves from center line, leaving you with an opportunity to spill their guts open. Swift attack and defense can be launched from this position at unconventional angles.

Juyo: right side
Juyo: front right 3/4 #1
Juyo: front right 3/4 #2
Juyo: front #1
Juyo: front #2
Juyo: left 3/4
Juyo: left side
Juyo: rear left 3/4

It's similar to the stance Revan assumed on his flagship, but on the right side instead. Using a right side-oriented stance flowed better with the attack swings and fakes existent for Juyo. I was intending to do a 2-frame animation loop to simulate breathing, but the following frame pointed the saber too far off-center; if I can figure out how to use Dragon maybe that can be done.

Future work:
  • I'm looking into another defensive stance for Soresu that doesn't obstruct the view so much in TrueView but still flows well with the animations.
  • Djem So might be retooled a bit into a very aggressive migi hasso variation (compared to the current one).

Suggestions welcome
great work, making each styles opening stance has to be done in a way where they are all unique looking and adhere to the style combat philosophy.

looking at the stances in OJP 1.2 enhanced, Juyo is the same as shii-cho .. and Makashi to me seemed a bit rigid,

You fixed them both, congrats

Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Yeah, melee stance is being changed. I'm looking into it.

Some new breathing stances, one for the aforementioned Makashi, as well as one for Viper, just to test how well a jodan stance for Djem So will look good.


Makashi - right side view
Makashi - front right 3/4
Makashi - front view 1
Makashi - front view 2
Makashi - front view 3
Makashi - front left 3/4
Makashi - left side view
Makashi - left rear 3/4
Makashi - rear view

Djem So

Djem So - left side view
Djem So - rear left 3/4
Djem So - rear view
Djem So - rear right 3/4 1
Djem So - rear right 3/4 2
Djem So - right side view 1
Djem So - right side view 2
Djem So - front right 3/4 1
Djem So - front right 3/4 2
Djem So - front right 3/4 3
Djem So - front view
Djem So - front left 3/4

Retooling Juyo. Was working on it first, but then Dragon crashed due to my screen saver activating.
the djem so you have here is actually anakin's Shien stance. But it doesn't matter cause any stance can be used with any style, plus It really separates itself from the others, nice work.

Makashi here is better then the last one!! its slightly higher which very much resembles this...

beautiful work i can really see this getting the gold star from Razorace...

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