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Originally Posted by Rachel_Ewok View Post
Ewoks are really cute and smart to come up with all the plans they did....
QFT. They managed to take down imperial tanks with a few logs. Those were the elite stormtroopers... Pfft how elite can they be losing to ewoks armed with twigs. Lesson for the day: don't mess with the almighty ewoks!

True we don't see any troopers being killed by the falling rocks and such but once they are knocked down, the ewoks could easily stab the in the armor's weak spots or grab dropped blasters. I know the ewoks don't use them, but they have seen enough stormtroopers to know how to use them. Maybe not the best aim, but at close range... its possible.

I think the victory was plausible, given that there were far more ewoks than troopers and any troopers in tanks and spedders were taken out. Chewietaking over that tank probably had a fair amount to do with victory as well. The ewoks knew the land and had the element of surprise so yeah its possible.


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