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I'm trying to install the 'Super Skip Taris' mod.

Unfortunately, I beleive that there is the possibility that this mod THINKS it might have already been installed. [Even if that is true, the program does not work in any way shape or form]

For some reason, the 'button' at the bottom right hand corner of the screen does not appear. [It never has]

Here is a picture of how it SHOULD look... [not mine]

Here is a picture of how it looks when i use it;

My theory is, that i need to uninstall the program. Since as you noticed, the dirrectory was already present on the bottom left hand side of the window [part of it is visible] This program may have already been installed, but then the entire game itself was uninstalled.

Any tips on how to solve the problem would be good. But i can tell you now it has NOTHING to do with what extractor i am using.

I've also noticed that if i take the Tsl patcher, STRICTLY for that file [if you need a picture i'll show you one] and remove it from it's other folders... it will not be able to locate any of the information it needs for installation, so when it opens it will appear blank. But even then it STILL doesn't have the button in it's bottom right hand corner.
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