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hmm,q3 engine

ok,ive been reading over some posts for the last few days,and many of you seem to think just cause its on the quake 3 engine that half the work is done,well its just a ENGINE,they have to still code everything in,just cause they didnt build the engine,doesnt mean half of the work is done,sure they were saved the time of making there own engine,but they still have to enhance,improve,code new things in there,such as the new ghoul system,and AI. Another thing is the bots,i highly doubt there is gonna be any Offline bots,sure there might be partner AI in online games,but highly doubt offline,they dont need offline bots cause jk2 unlike q3 has a story. Its not just shoot up arena type gameplay,it has a story and plenty of supporting characters to tell that story. Just wanted to clear things up. Just cause a game is based off another games engine,doesnt mean its gonna be alike or simmilar to the original game built from that engine.
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