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Mike and Cecilia were hanging out in the woods, talking. The GPC was in view from where they were sitting, and the leaves from the high trees shaded them.
" 2." Mike said, "What kind of shenanigans ro get into now?"
"No idea, maybe we could do something more swimming or something."
"Yeah, that sounds."-- he stopped abruptly when he heard footsteps coming from the GPC "Did you hear that?" The pang of metal was quiet, but apparant. Mike and Cecilia both looked to see a man emerging from the metal sculpture type thing. It wasn't Loboto, this was sure. He was tall, and pale, smoking a ciggerette, sunglasses on his face. He looked straight ahead and walked towards the lodge without even noticing the two campers.
When the man was out of sight, They turned to look at eachother. "Who was that?" Mike asked.
"No idea...Let's follow." Cecilia hopped up and slowly floated down to follow the man.
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