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I don't understand where you are coming from, BF2 is fine, i fear 100 AI, huge maps, and AI Jedi online, which i pointed out something that i am against but doesn't exist.

I just see LA promoting a BF3 with the fact that its going to be larger with more AI than 64 currently available. Maps far larger than Geonosis and

My opinion and only that is Creative changes to the online game-play or dramatic increase in size be kept offline. There is nothing ironic about that. Im pointing out mods as a means for people who like to play maps built off of a more creative conquest style, if someone has a console so be, they are just as capable of buying the PC version.

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I agree that heroes are bad, but theres really nothing a developer can do to stop the other things you complain about without causing more trouble than there was initially.
Why cant the developer stop what i fear by not including it.

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