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The only similarities between FC and Battlegrounds will be Star Wars. FC was developed by LEC which had NO previous experience with RTSs...Battlegrounds is being developed by the creators of Age of the Empires, which is one of the best RTS series ever. Battlegrounds is gonna be 100% better than FC because it is using a proven engine and being created by an awesome team.

As far as Outcast and SWG...I am personally scared of SWG. If you think about how many people have lost their lives (!) to Everquest, think about what it will do to the people who play SWG! MIllions of people wish they could live in the Star Wars universe and this is going to give them their chance. SWG is gonna be like a drug to a lot of people which frightens me . But, I think JKII will be a game that is more enjoyable to me. I just like FPSs better than RPGs.


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