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Ziggy watched as Bill seemed to eat everything in sight of the kitchen. Cruller was cussing, loudly at the boy. Hunter stood, his hand on his face, trying to hide. Twas' not working very well. Ziggy just watched amused, until a man came into the lodge. Uh oh.

"What the hell are you kids doin'?" the short fat man yelled, appearing slightly drunk, slightly dazed at the sight.

Bill looked up, half a donut in his mouth, and turned back.
"Um," Ziggy started, "We're eating?"

The man turned and shock his head. He went to the table by Agent Nein.

"Morry, do be nice to the new students," Nein answered, looking up from his book.


Ziggy and Hunter dragged Bill away from the food, and sat him down at a table with them. They watched Cee and Mike walk inside, all spy-like.

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