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Sneaking over to Ziggy, Mike and Cee sat down, facing Hunter and Bill. "Who's this?" Cecilia pointed to Bill "A clone?"
"Hunter's twin, Bill." He shook hands with Mike and Cee, "Know who those guys are?"
"No idea, must be counclers or something..." Ziggy said, "We need to tell them about Raz."
"Speaking of Raz," Mike said, "Who's with him?"
"It'll be okay." Annabelle whispered, grsbbing the still unconscience Psychonaut's hand. She wasn't much of a fighter, or a healer, so she figured she could at least provide company. Milo was looming over Raz, checking under bandages.
"It'll be fine, he's healing." Milo muttered, fixing one bandage.
"I have a question."
"Why do you look at Cecilia and Mike like that?" There was a silence between the two, "Ooohhhhhh. It's like that."
"It's not... It's just when he came to camp, she didn't even talk to me anymore."
"I came with him, he's my brother, and she's talked to you and been generally nice to you."
"...still, it's not that." Annabelle rolled her eyes, and Milo sat on a bunk.
"Pssh, sure it isn't. I'm a woman I know these things." With that, she walked out and left Milo alone, with an unconscience teenager and a lot to think about.
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