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"Hey, how's it goin?" Lixa said, sitting at the table next to Hunter.
"Good," Cecilia said, "Just speaking foreign languages to impress others."
"Yeah." Cecilia looked over at Mike and said, "J'aime la façon que vos yeux regardent aujourd'hui."
"What?" he asked, Cecilia leaned in and whispered the translation into his ear. He blushed and quickly said "Grazie"
Getting up from his table with Morry, Sasha meandered over to the table where the kids were giggling. "Excuse me children." he said to them in his accent. The table quickly went silent. "May I ask if all the campers are here right now?"
"Umm..." Lixa said, "We're missing a few."
"As a matter a fact..." Mike said, "You really should come follow us. There's something you should see..."
Wandering into the cabin, Ewan saw Milo still sitting there, staring at Raz... "Yo." Ewan said, sitting on the floor. "What's happenin'?"
"I really have no idea."
"Yeah, just thinking."
Ewan looked at Milo, he looked sad.."You thinkin about a girlll??"
"You're at a psychic camp. You are, I know."
Milo just sighed, "Just shut it."
"All I know is, maybe you should try the other one...I can read in your head that there's two girls here."
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