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I would LOVE to see custom-type lightsabers (ie: an alternative to having everyone have the same exact size and style saber).

As to the color, I'm sure we'll get to pick our colors again as in the past. I would like to see two sets of RGB sliders in setup:

one for the core
one for the blade

That way you could have potentially huge array of colors to choose from.

But if a person could pick a lightstaff or dual sabers, they would have an advantage over somebody with just a single saber.

So in that respect, I would think that the special sabers would have to be a weapon you would find (ie: a pickup) or else you could toggle it off. Or else they would have to program in some kinds of balancing features for the other types, so they wouldn't simply dominate every game.

Maybe you could have "lightstaff arena" or something.

As to balancing different melee weapons, see games like the Bushido Blade series (still the best one on one melee combat in any 3D games, IMHO).

I would definately like to see them available in multiplayer though, even if it was just in a mutator or something like that (that would be a nice feature to have in JK2 incidentally.. something like the mutators in UT and Rune, etc).


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