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Well, Ztalker and Web Rider, any time you feel like playing, just let us know. We'll come and make a merry band of players.

Regarding the Dragon festival--the quests were fun. The mini-games every 2 hours were amusing and rather profitable--I made probably close to 5k gold worth of tokens running around collecting the little glowing balls and evading the monsters. That's not including the approximately 50 gifts I got after the mini-game, 4 of which had a nice bonus of 1000 gold for me.

The missions, however, were not just hard, they were stupid-hard, as in the design was so ridiculously difficult the only way you could possibly survive was if you were an elite and very experienced player, which I'm not. The only person I know who made it through those missions routinely plays in the elite dungeons in hard mode and has played regularly since Prophecies came out. If the reward had been worth it I would have stuck it out and tried a few more times, but I decided it was worth more just running around Cantha with my various characters to do the quests. Anyway, I generally had a good time at the festival, especially since it brought in guild members we don't normally see very often.

The only thing that bugs me right now is that they nerfed Shadow Form about 2 days after I put together my armor for the perma-sin build, so I never really got a chance to use the build. Fortunately it's still usable with a couple modifications, and I didn't have to buy the shadow arts rune (which was running at 18k at the time) since I got it in a drop. I understood why they did it (ecto and obsidian prices were bottoming out), but it would have been nice to get a little gold out of it.

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