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The six children and two counslers walked through the woods towards the cabin area. While crossing the bridge, a cackling kind of laugh filled the sky. Confused, everyone looked up; Laboto was back. Ziggy went pale again, and everyone but the counslers and Bill looked at her. Sasha and Morry were more concerned with Laboto landing on the bridge and blocking their path.

"Ah, hello, aren't we SUCH happy campers today," he said, looking directly at Ziggy. She became frightened and let out a small gasp. Hunter stood in front of her, protectingly, and glared at Lobato. He laughed and looked at the bridge.

"Wouldn't it be a shame if I happened to do THIS?" Lobato said and he psi blasted the bridge's bottom and blew a nice ol' hole in it. The bridge shook a bit and the legs keeping it up started to crack.

"Children," Sasha started, panicked, "Now would be a good time to turn around and get the hell off this bridge."

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