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Triumvirate Wars

*Note: This is my first fic... Please feel free to post bad or good critiques, I won't be upset, after all, that's the way someone learns... Hope nobody will be upset if I integrated both Brianna ( Handmaiden) and Mical ( Disciple) in the story...
This is a small introduction chapter... Hope you enjoy it...
Well... Here goes nothing:*

Star Wars:
Knights of the old republic:
The Triumvirates wars

Chapter One:
After the end, a new start arrives

A dead place... a world of nothing, a world of death... An empty place filled with holes, which suck everything. A world that collapses one more time over itself...
A world that echoed, echoes still, but will echo no more… A world that traps one more time, a world that traps for the last time all that orbits it… except a small ship, a freighter that dodges all the powerless rocks that face their destruction. Once it leaves behind the shrinking belt of stone and metal, the battered machine leaves in hyperspace...
It appears again somewhere near the remnants of the recent battle… It carefully approaches the Citadel Station Docks. The people recognize immediately the ship that slowly flies over the sky, but when they want to hail their approaching hero, they stop stunned by the condition of the ship…
The ship docks. The door opens, and while it opens, the people gathered there prepare one more time to hail their heroes. But they stop once again… Only 7 of the 12 people that were original aboard are now exiting the ship. But only 4 of those who exit are in the condition to walk…
Bao-Dur is carried by Mandalore, Brianna is pulling Atton out of the ship and Visas and Mira carry Mical…
A metal ball rolls out of the ship… “Statement: I am very glad that I could dispose the fat one”
“I am al… also happy we got rid of that witch” says a merely conscious Atton…
“Why isn’t she coming with the droids out?”
But no answer is given, the engines of the Ebon Hawk start running, and the ship leaves in hyperspace the known territories…
But where is the ship going?
The Ebon Hawk is ready to exit the hyperspace, the destination is close…
Closer… The Hawk exits the hyperspace, but…
“Lirissian wake up! The Spiths are attacking!
“Huh!!! You woke me up?! And what reasons for?" says a sleepy 16 year old boy.
When he realizes what’s going on 5 seconds later… “What?! Again?”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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