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"Lixa, you shouldn't have to, he's my dad," Ziggy said, growing more upset.
Billa, who had no idea what the F*** was going on, stood confused. Hunter pulled him to the side and began the explination.
"Ohhhh," Bill said, nodding. "Well gott Hunter, you made mom bring us to a DEATHLY SUMMER CAMP."

Ignoring Bill, Hunter turned his attention back to Ziggy.
"ziggy, you need to hide or Lobato may try to hurt you again," he said.
"I won't do it, I shouldn't have to hide from my own dad," she said, growing angrier and more upset.
"Well, you do, so c'mon," Hunter pleaded.
"Nein," she answered, frowning.

"That's it," Bill said, coming up behind her and picking her up.
"Billlll, put me DOWN!"
"Nein," he answered back, mockingly. "C'mon Hunta."

They all got into the bomb chamber, while Cee and Mike said their goodbye's to Lixa.
After, they got in, shut and covered the door, and awaited a long sit out.

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