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(whatever happened to the to these().and nice one jmac)
lixa nodded as she covered them up and waited. in the distant she heard screaming and then someone cursing. "it doesnt look good"she mumbled to herself as she sat down and watched the door. then agent nein came in along with coach and slammed the door shut and leaned against it. he then procceeded to smoke. "by any chance do you know your sheilding?" he asked as he continued to smoke. "ummm yeah."lixa replied as she looked at them. they both had rips in their clothes and nein was sporting a black eye, which you could see even with his glasses. "umm how did you get the blackeye?"lixa asked. nein looked at her then glared at the coach. "well your coach decided to swing and missed loboto and hit me instead." "i already said i was sorry you damn egghead" mory muttered as he looked around. "where are the other kids?" "they're in here"lixa said pointing the the floor.

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