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Ziggy and Hunter looked at Bill, who was filing his nails. Perfect.
"What?" He asked, confused as to why his brother was smirking like that.
"Wha- Oh no. No no no no no nooooo, I know what you guys are thinking." He said, starting to back up.
"Aww, cmon Billa, you're more femine than most of the girls here," Hunter said, smirking.
"And you do kinda look like me," Ziggy said, smirking as well.
"All you need are some of my clothes and, well you've got the makeup covered."

"No, no, NEIN," Bill protested, starting to get scared.
Somehow, they managed to convince Bill to be the decoy and were in Ziggy's cabin. She was looking for clothes, while Hunter guarded the cabin door. Cee was fixing Bill's makeup.

"There, now you two look just like twins!" she said, giggling. Ziggy threw a band shirt and a pair of bondage pants at Bill.

"There, get dressed," They all said leaving the cabin.
After about 5 minutes, he was ready, but holding a bra.

"What the hell Ziggy," he said, not amused at her joke.
"What? Girls wear bras, I figured so do you?" she said, blushing.

He flashed her a not-so-nice finger and Cee sat him down on a bunk to brush his hair like Ziggys.

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