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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
You might went to check out MapCore if you're looking for help — we have a non-professional recruitment forum that's designed for finding people to help out with mods. There's a professional version too if you happen to be interested in the field professionally.
Thanks, I'll try there

Originally Posted by Sallim View Post
is there more new stuff ? You´ve gotten some nice details in there, but I would like to see more. I am curious...
To be honest we don't have much new material to show. Any material we do have apart from some new concept art is from last time we were working on a mod (a few months ago), but that was with a small team so the progress was very slow.

We've got a few maps with custom textures/props, a few kind of animated weapons, some concept art/model sheets and a few other bits and pieces, but that's all really.

If we could get a team of a couple of modellers, mappers and designers, it would be a lot easier to make progress. If you would be interested in helping with the modelling the project would be saved for sure

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