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Originally Posted by Dunedain View Post
But this was a special circumstance. Palpatine had all the officials in his pocket, either directly or through his alter ego as Sidious, he had corrupted some parts of the senate and had a certain degree of control over the courts, as well, so that he could effectively corrupt the judicial process.
Fixed. Obviously, Mace or anybody else didn't stand a "snowball's chance in hell" as was used erlier, of being fairly convicted. Mace had no choice, but this shows Sideous's talents and where they lie. He managed to singel-handedly cloud the visions of the Jedi Council, and sway the entire Republic, but he was NOT actually much of a fighter. Mace, on the other hand... wel, Vapaad. Think about it. Combat-wise, he is second only to Yoda. Palpy knew the most powerful Jedi would escape Order 66, so he knew he needed Anikin as a bodyguard, just to have a combat-oriented Jedi, as he didn't know Anny would get burned. If Obi-Wan hadn't beat him on Mustafar, he would have been able to hunt down Yoda and everyone else over lunch in the Imperial era.
As was officially clarified, Mace did fairly beat Palpy. But once Anikin showed, I think that, and I cannot believe the words are coming out 'o me fingers, that Palpy-improvised. He HUGELY exaggerated the sliding and whimpering. Those who say his ego was too big to let himself get beat any worse than possible, he didn't seem too concerned about what happened to his face, did he?

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