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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Did the introduction of Kun, Ragnos and later Sadow etc in the early 90's not fill that hole?
Not for many, just lame ol' dark jedi pretenders like all the others.

Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
and the Kreia true Sith not an entirely new lump of mud for the SW waters?
The 'True Sith' have been ho'd-and-haw'd about long before that. Think of it as a late 80's Sci-Fi convention 'urban legend', with wild stories/speculation traded all amongst the fans, given some credence now by Obsidian with Kreia's lines in TSL. At least that is where I personally heard of this 'True Sith' idea... and at more than one convention and in more than one state.

Because of that I made up a Pnp D6 RPG Star Wars campaign around them in the mid 90's. Though I mixed in a ton of B5 influenced stuff cause I liked it too.

Though it can be argued that the aforementioned characters might have even been spawned because of these 'urban lagends'... we just can't tell.

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