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Exclamation Ummm, did this site infect my computer?

I hate to make accusations, but earlier I was on here going through some posts when suddenly my window turns into this tiny one with a message popping up telling me something bad in the site was detected and I needed to install some Windows Vista anti-spyware software thing to fix it. Obviously spyware, so I close out of it (after about three more message boxes came up), and then I go upstairs to eat lunch. When I come back down and open up my browser, absolutely no site works except this one, they all act like I have no internet connection! Even the ads on this site aren't working! Not to mention sometimes when I navigate through pages, the entire page goes blank for a few seconds sometimes before re-appearing. I'm using SpyBot and Ad-Aware right now, but this is really freaky... I only just started coming back here last night, but I don't wanna have to give it up again so soon because it infects my computer!

Oh, and 200th post! I was less than twenty away from that though when I came back so it wasn't hard, hahah.

EDIT: All right, I restarted Firefox, and now not only is this the only site I can go to, but coming on here makes Firefox do some really crazy ****. None of my anti-spyware programs are detecting anything, somebody please help. I'm gonna get in a lot of trouble if this isn't fixed.

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