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The children and counslers were led to the docks. Ziggy pulled a shell out of her pocket and blew into it. The earth began to shake and a fish thing appeared out of the water.

"Guy, this is Ralph, my lungfish," she said, smiling. "He can take us to Cee."
"How?" Bill asked, sort of scared of the fish.
Ralph opened his mouth.
"No way in hell," Hunter said.
"Why?" Ziggy asked, noticing Hunter's fear.
"Um-m. It could eat us?" he strated.
"Nonsense," Ralph said. "I am a vegetarian, as in I will not have a taste for human flesh."
"Well, besides," Hunter said, still not convinced. "There's no way there's enough room in there for all of us."
Ralph would be the judge of that. Ziggy nodded to him and he began to suck everyone into his mouth. Sasha, Morry, and Ziggy were used to this travel, but not the rest of the campers. Ralph began to walk off until he heard a voice.
"WAIT! I'm gonna save Cecilla," Mike said, hopping into Ralph's mouth.
The ride was peaceful. At first, I mean.
"Billa, shut UP!" Hunter yelled, annoyed.

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