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"CRISPIN! TAKE HER UPSTAIRS!" Laboto yelled angerly. "Oh wait. Crispin is dead. NO MATTER!"
Laboto levitated towards Hunter, who made a sming for his face
"I've had about all I can take from you!" Hunter yelled between punches.
"The same for you, boy," Laboto said, starting to grind his claw/hand. Ziggy smelt the pepper and resisted the urge to sneeze.
"HUNTER, GET AWAY FROM HIM!" She yelled, levitating towards them. "EVERYONE, PLUG YOUR NOSE!"
"Huh?" a confused Hunter asked, turning his head in her direction. At that moment, Laboto psi blasted him in the face. Ow.
Hunter collasped to the ground, and Ziggy got too close to Laboto. He grabbed her and levitated towards Cecilla.
"Well then, if nobody cares, we'll be going now." He said smirking.

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