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Originally Posted by Great Scott! View Post
OMG, I posted this two years ago. How is this discussion still going on!?!
Someone revived it, so we thought it was time to maybe discuss it again.

As to your question about Windu's percieved invincibility, you should hear some of the crackpot theories that he SURVIVED that fight, the lightning, and the 100 story fall into the depths of the planet.

It's really this simple - while he may not have outclassed him, Sidious had him on the backfoot right from the start. The sudden ferocity of his attack, and the fact he easily took down two master with as many strikes, must have had an effect on Windu. That, and I think Windu was overconfident - he expected to easily deal with the chancellor. That, and he trusted Anakin - by the time he realised he couldn't it was too late.
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