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Ziggy went over to Hunter and Bill. Bill was leaning over his twin, and trying to wake him up. He wouldn't budge.
"Ziggy, somethine's wrong. He's not moving. I don't think he's breathing," Bill said, panic writen all over his face. Ziggy's eyes widened and she leaned down towards him.
"Hunter?" she asked gently, shaking his arm. Still nothing. She checked his arm for a pulse and was having trouble finding one.
"H-hunter?" she asked again, and, again getting no response. She felt tears in her eyes and looked at Bill. He was on the verge of crying as well.
"Guys! Help! Somethings wrong with Hunter! I don't think he's b-breathing," Bill said, a single tear going down his now pale cheek.
Cee and Mike ran towards the three.
Ziggy now was crying, along with Bill.

(ah, having writers block now Dx.)

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