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(ah, it'll hopefully go away. time to pull write crappily)
"MILO!" Bill yelled, while Ziggy called Ralph. "Man, we could really use your help, C'MON!"
Milo shock his head, and walked towards them.
"Of course, what else am I good for," he mumbled, looking at Cee.
Ziggy helped Bill and Milo carry Hunter out of Ralph when they got to the camp. And waiting by the docks were Lixa and Counsler Milla.
"Oh my, Darling what happened to him?" Milla asked, concerned to Bill.
"Laboto happened. He's gonna pay," Bill said, wiping his tears away, but smudging his makeup.
"Oh no! Sasha was right!" She said, gasping. "No matter, we need to get this young man some medical attention, now!"
She picked up Hunter, while Milo and Lixa followed her. Bill pulled Ziggy to the side.
"Zig," he started, concerned. "it's been a long day. Why don't you go get a shower while we fix up Hunter. Then we'll go pick up the others."
Ziggy didn't want to, but she agreed so Bill wouldn't have more stress.
While she walked towards her cabin's showers, she started feeling dizzy. She ignored this and went for a shower.

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