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First, one must set his own mind clear to even begin on thinking at this. Is the future shiftless and determined or is it rewritten at every moment? If one thinks that the fate of everything is bound since before their existence, then Palpatine played a role no greater than, let's say, some random federation droid slashed by Ani at AotC. Because if Ani was bound to be a Jedi Knight, fall and be redeemed by his son, Palpy's factor is non-relevant to the equation, not mattering how many strings he pulled, as fate would undoubtely have found another way for everything to happen. On that scenario, Palpy's nothing more than a tool.

If fate, however, always changes, then Palpy's role grow considerably. Wasn't it for him who else would have:

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orchestrating the Trade Federation's blockade, causing Qui-Gon and Obi-wan to go to Tatooine in the first place.
So without Palpy, Anakin would've been a slave boy until the cows came home or once he realized his powers and did something to free himself.


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