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Ziggy made her way towards Bill's cabin, though she found Milo and ewan were asleep inside. Bill was in the cornoer bed, on the top bunk, staring at the ceiling. Hunter was nowhere to be found.

Bill noticed Ziggy and jumped down.
"Hunter's in the main lodge. He's still "asleep"," he said, using Milla's word for the situation.
"Well, let's go see him," Ziggy said, dragging the twin out the door.
They arrived at the main lodge, minutes later, to find the counslers talking and holding Laboto hostage. Bill grinded his teeth at him, along with Ziggy. They turned their attention, however, to Hunter, who was on a tabletop, awake.
"HUNTER!" They yelled out excited, and ran towrds him.
"Ah, easy with him, children, he's still healing," Milla said, though they ignored her.
" Dank Gott," Bill sighed, while Ziggy hugged the hell out of Hunter.
He still managed to blush, causing her to laugh.
"Thank god you're alive," she said, giving him a peck on the lips.

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